Monthly Archives: December 2021.

  • December 28, 2021
How Common Are Employment Contracts

Employment contracts are an essential part of the employment process. They outline the terms and conditions of employment and can protect both the employer and the employee. But how common are employment contracts, and why are they important? According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, 56% of organizations use written […]

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  • December 19, 2021
How to Look up If Someone Is a Licensed Contractor

If you`re planning to hire a contractor for a project, it`s important to verify their license before signing any contracts. Hiring an unlicensed contractor can lead to shoddy workmanship and legal repercussions. Here`s how to look up if someone is a licensed contractor. 1. Determine the state`s licensing requirements Every state has its own […]

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  • December 16, 2021
Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Italy

Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Italy: What You Need to Know Italy is a popular destination for many travelers from around the world, including those from countries that do not have a public healthcare system. Fortunately, Italy has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with several countries, including Australia, New Zealand and the United […]

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  • December 8, 2021
Free Loan Contract Template Australia

If you`re in Australia and in need of a loan, it`s important to have a loan contract in place to protect yourself and the lender. A loan contract is a legal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the loan, including the amount borrowed, interest rate, repayment schedule, and any applicable fees. While […]

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